2-in-1 Automatic Toothpaste Distributor

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  • The combination of toothbrush sterilizer and  toothbrush holder makes it easier to use.
  • UV/LED lights, destroy all bacteria and make your mouth healthier. 
  • The compact switch makes it easier to use. Turn on the power in advance and press the button, the machine will start working and will automatically go out after a few minutes to make your life safer.
  • In just a few minutes, you can eliminate 99% of the bacteria on your toothbrush, so you can enjoy the time of brushing your teeth. 
  • Convenient and simple when squeezing toothpaste. Simply push the toothpaste and increase the fun of brushing your teeth.
  • Remove toothbrush stains, better protect toothbrushes, avoid contact with the outside world, and reduce bacterial contamination.


Voltage: 110-240V 

Material: Plastic Toothbrush Sanitizer 

Size: 8*0.3*5in (L*W*H) 

Lamp Life Span: >25000hrs 

Disinfection rate: Up to 99.9% 

Ultraviolet intensity: 1000uW/cm2 

Working current: 180mA Power: 2W 

Working Environment 5-50℃(41-122℉) 

0.01 PPM< Ozone concentration< 0.05PPM  

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