3In1 Nano Facial Steamer

Color: MR338W
Sale price$25.04


This nano sprayer can also be used as a power bank, emergently charging your mobile phone.
Strong Function: Larger Water Tank, 35ML large visible water tank is convenient for water amount observation. Continuous spray can work for 20 minutes, fully satisfying your daily water needs.
Skin test function helps you to know better about your skin. Just touch your skin with the metal chip and read the screen.
How To Use:
1) Anticlockwise open the water tank.
2) Upend the water tank and put water in.
3) Clockwise tighten the tank. 4) Enjoy your hydrating journey.
Function: Moisturizing and refreshing of the skin
Capacity: 35ML
Weight: 114g
Input: DC5V1.0A
Power capacity: 3.7V/ 200mAh
Item Size: 4.6 X 13.5 cm
Package Size: 4 X 9 X 16 cm
Item Color Selections: White, pink
Package Content: (Packed in the original packing box.)
1 x Facial mister
1 x USB charging cable

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