Garden Flexible Hose With Spray Gun

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  • Drip irrigation is an efficient, easy to install permanent irrigation system. It works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil and plants. Therefore, the plants can absorb nutrient and moisture directly with this useful tools. Buy it and you will see a prosperous scene ! 

Main Features:  

  • Automatic watering, you don't have to worry about your plants whether you are at home or not 
  • Adjustable drip tool, providing different water volume according to different plants water requirement 
  • The speed of dripping can be set as you need 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants 
  • Part and components wil be sent ( not assembled ) 



- Suitable for the control of irrigation systems in the domestic sector, such as lawn sprinkler, sprinklers, drip house, etc. 

- High quality plastic material, durable and lightweight 

- Automatic and intelligent, easy to operate 

Material: Plastic 

Package weight: 0.5 kg 


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