Garden Path Maker Diy Floor Mold

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  • With the Garden Path Maker Mold you can create a gorgeous, cement (or red mud) garden path to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. This paving mold consists of irregular-shaped holes, which hold the cement slurry and allow you to smooth out the top by hand. Once your cement has dried, simply remove the loading mold and add stone sand or plant grass in the gaps. The end results are stunning and add an earthy and natural-looking stone element to your yard or garden. 
  • Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas, patios and more 
  • Easy to operate, ladies and children can also DIY their own garden creations 
  • Mold can be used repeatedly or use multiple molds at the same time until footpath is complete. 
  • It's possible to make paths of different colors, just blend preferred coloring pigment into the 
  • Cement before pouring. No expensive equipment or laying costs! Practical and convenient and you save money while adding to the charm and beauty of your yard or garden. 

How to use this Concrete Paver Mold to build the pathways: 

Step 1: Mix cement with water, according to package directions. When ready to use, the concrete will be the consistency of oatmeal and thick enough to hold an edge when you slice into it with a shovel. 

Step 2: Fill the paver mold, scooping the concrete in with a shovel and making sure to fill each area. 

Step 3: Using rubber gloves spread the concrete around the mold, filling in any gaps or low points. Tap the mold with your hand to eliminate any air bubbles. 

Step 4: Following the contours of the mold, smooth out the concrete, wiping away any excess. 

Step 5: Allow the concrete to set for a maximum of five minutes, and then carefully remove the mold. For the next stretch, rotate the mold a quarter-turn and place it beside the paver just completed, angling slightly if you're creating a curving pathway. 

Step 6: After letting the concrete cure overnight, fill the cracks with dirt and wash away any excess. Wet the ground around the newly formed pavers to help them settle 



Color: Black 

Material: PP Resin 


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