Glow Dark Pebbles

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  • Material : resin + Photo luminescent pigment 
  • Size: about 0.8"-1.2"/ Pcs 2-3cm 
  • Weight: 230g 



  • Please expose the pebbles to the sun or light, make sure absorb enough light, The longer the absorption time, the Brighter of the pebbles, the longer the luminous time. 
  • The pebbles send soft glowing and will be hard to notice in the bright environments. Please make it in the dark area. 
  • If they don’t glow or not bright, it’s possible the stored light may be exhausted 
  • Recommend More for Large Areas. The More You Line, the More Beautiful They Look. Enjoy these glowing pebbles scattered in your garden, like far away stars on the ground.  

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