Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Sale price$19.99


Size:diameter 31cm



Thickness: 2.5cm

Quantity:1 pc

Product Name:foot massagers cushion


1. Bristles soft skin-friendly deep cleansing pores dirt which help you to massage and rubbing back more easily, It is very convenient to cleaning body.

2. Environmentally friendly, no dye substance harming health of your family.

3. Foot cleaning and massage, silica gel column, sole cleaning massage, relieve your fatigue.

4. The durable silicone brush provides gentle body scrub and effective deep skin cleaning. The soft tips can remove dead skin while offering great protection to sensitive skin.

5. The strong suction cupscan hold the mat on vertical wall. You can enjoy a comfortable back massage during bathing.

Package Include:

1 * foot massagers cushion


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