Multi-function Slope Measuring Instrument

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  • Theere are two ways to use: slope determination and setting(instrument body made of ABS plastic) 
  • Dial digital easy to read with a large number of slope and angle table 
  • The use of high-strength simple dual standard tube as standard ring 
  • Measuring range: 130°-0°-130° (50° -90°-0°-90°-50°) 1 minute - 8 minutes (0.5 points scale), 10%, 12%, 15%, 18%, 20% 
  • Uses: civil engineering (wall construction, dike dam engineering, pipeline engineering and other engineering), construction engineering, interior decoration engineering, and other projects that must design slope and inclination angle 



Color: blue(with magnetic), red(without magnetic) 

Material: ABS 

Measuring range: 0-180° 

Measurement accuracy: 1° 

Size: 25cm×12.5cm×2.5cm 

Quantity: 1pc  

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