Professional Flexible Microphone

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Key Features:

1. The newest fashion HD microphone, with an unidirectional biult-in chip, makes the sound clear.

2. There is a 3.5 mm and USB version, USB version with vol adjustment button, 3.5mm version without vol adjustment (Other features are all the same)

3. The microphone is composed of microphone and microphone stand, you can take the microphone or install the microphone in the holder.

4. The microphone part is flexible design, and the support part has a 360-degree rotation design, check the following pictures.

5. With this microphone, you can play, sing, record video.

6. Dual capacity microphone core design, noise reduction and anti-interference.

7. There is on / off the switch button on the microphone.

8 about the microphone, we use the Cd texture design, it makes it look very fashion, and we add an additional block to make the microphone stand more stable, at the same time, there is a non-slip Eva rubber pad on the bottom of the support.

9. There are 2 colors for your choice, we will send you a sponge cover as a gift.


Size: 120 × 120 × 225 mm.

Creativity: unidirectional

Signal-to-noise ratio: less than 50 dbs.

Sensitivity: -58 + -2db

Cable Length: 1.5 m

Impedance: 2.2k

Frequency: 70 HZ-10 kHz

Microphone head: 6 × 5 mm

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