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  • Sleepace Sleep headphones are the modern headphones that will detect your sleep stage and stop the music automatically. 
  • You can set the alarm also so it will wake you at your desired time. 
  • This is the best way to listen to music which creates a relaxed environment even when you are in a noisy place. 


Music Auto Stops: Sleepace APP detects your sleep stage and lets built-in music stop automatically & activate Sleep monitoring function.

Wake up Naturally : The Sleepace App allows you to set your alarm and will wake you when you are at the lightest part of your sleep within the time you set and let you feel refresh.

White noise and ASMR: Sleepace has various authorized content, for your travel time, dorm life, car and other noisy environment. Relaxation music.

Ultra-thin silk material + removable headphone support your comfortable and cool sleep



Size:S(20.87~21.65) / M(21.65"~22.44") / L(22.44"~23.23") / XL(23.23"~24")

Material: silk + Lycra


Net weight: 35g~37g

Length of cable: 62.20 inch


Package Includes

1 x Sleepace Smart Headphones

2 x Travel bag


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