Ultrasonic Nebulizer With Portable Inhaler

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  • Our Nebulizer has been designed to offer compact, porteble and lightweight, convenience while receiving inhalation treatments. This unit requires ordinary tap or distilled water and your physician-prescribed
    medication to create an effective high frequency mist. Treatments, can be administered discreetly thanks to advanced ultrasonic technology making your Nebulizer vitually silent during operation. 
  • The Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer should be used under the suoervision of a licensed physician and/or a respirstory therapist. 



Meterial: Medical PP plast 

Power Consumption: 2.4M 

Ultrasonic Frequency: 0.4 to 1.0 ml/minute depending on medicne densi 

Atomized particle size: 0.5 to 5 micr 

Capacity of medicine cup: 10ml. maxim 

Medicine cup quantity: 5p 

Vessel capacity: 25 

Atomization amount 0.4ml / min: automatically timing 20 minut 

Atomization amount 1.0ml / min: automatically timing 10 minut 

Operating voltage: DC1 

Bottle‘s color: as pictures sho 

Weight: Approximately 8 

Box Size 

 1) OKA-517: 21.5*7*18CM 

 2) MY-520A: 18.5*7*16CM 


Package Included: 

1 pc * Host 

2 pc * Mouthpiece 

1 pc * Nasal (For Model Number OKA-517) 

1 pc * Adult Mask 

1 pc * Child Mask 

1 pc * Extension Tube 

1 pc * Charger & 1 pc adapter (110V~220V) 

5 pcs * Medication cup 

1 pc * Nebulizer Guidebook 

1 pc * Rubber Circle 

1 pc * Clear cover 

1 pc * Original Box  

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