Uv Sanitizing Bag

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  • This UV sterilization bag provides 360° protection for universal support. Away from infection, healthy life!  
  • UVC  Led Lamp Beads - We use 12 piece UVC (265nm wavelength) lamp beads which sterilization better than UVA. Disinfection speed is twice that of ordinary.100, 000 hours service life, non-chemical, much safer than mercury lamp. 
  • Protecting Design - The lights will shut down automatically if the lid opened more than 45 degrees. 
  • Multipurpose Cleaner Bag-You can sanitize for smartphone/ keys / glasses / headphones / Bottle/ Underwear/ Jewelry/ Beauty Tools/ Toothbrush/ children’s toys etc. 
  • Collapsible And Portable Design-It can be collapsible, and you would take it out anywhere, sterilize your belongs anytime. 
  • Strong UV Light, Last longer 


How to Use  

1. Open the bag, put in items inside.  

2. Zip it closed then press the button.  

3. Blue light normally on, buzzing for 6 times, then you can
take your item out.  


Package Included: 

1 * UV Sterilization bag  

1 * Instruction manual 

1 * USB Cable  

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